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Good morning, I would like to have the ad you have placed on your website on my behalf marked as sold. I very much appreciate your efforts with the website. I believe you offer very good exposure. The 66 Jeep was sold and will be going to Maine in the next month or so. Thank you again and I will place other ads in the future.
A great way for people to see your vehicles. Received many inquiries, insuring us a great sale!
Randy Zimmerman
My truck sold thanks for your site, its awesome.
David A
Hello Mark, My 1973 Jeep J4500 sold yesterday, so you can update the ad with that information. I love looking at all the Jeep trucks for sale on your website. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Richard
Thanks for the help selling my 64 Jeep J2000. I had it advertised on craigslist and the local paper. Couple calls and that was it. The guy that bought it found it on your site. He came from NJ about a 2 hour drive one way. Funny thing is the guy I got the truck off of 10 years ago brought it to PA from NJ.
Thanks, Horst
Mark, I have sold my 1982 J-10 pickup. Its on its way to Texas today to a new owner who is interested in taking it to car club meets and shows. I have replaced it with a 2022 diesel Gladiator and I am starting a project to install a Ford racing crate 302 v8 into my 1981 CJ-8 with a t-18 four speed.
Thanks for the help selling my old J-10! Dave
Thank you again for the ad on the website its helped me sell multiple Jeeps here and love the Community.
Please show my ad for the 54 Willys wagon as SOLD. Sold in less than a week! Nice to not deal with CL !!!
Thanks, Ken
Good Morning Mark, I wanted to contact and inform you that my jeep has been sold. The buyer saw my jeep on your website. Thanks for posting the ad!
Have a great day and Holiday Season! Michael M.

Sitting in Southern Oregon with limited exposure I had a 1991 Comanche that I knew was worth more than what I was offered locally. Within hours of listing the Jeep we had a buyer out of Washington who had been looking for a long time for this very model. Since making the agreement to sell him the Jeep, I have had several inquires asking that I contact them in the event the sale does not go through. That is a lot of exposure I could not have created on my own. Who would have thought?
Thanks Mark, Ted Holman
Good afternoon Mark, buyer contacted me for buying the 1958 Jeep Willy's FC-150 please mark it SOLD! Really nice hooking up with your site. Big help for me. It was actually first and only inquiry I received. Buyer said no price haggling will pay the asking price.
Thank you! David K.
Sold our M715 and could have sold three more just like it. Headed to Washington State. Thanks Mark!!
Steve Davis
Sold a J-2000 truck and some parts on that I was not having any luck selling on ebay.
Thanks! Stewart Childress

Hey Mark, I wanted to let you know that I sold my old 1964 Gladiator Truck to a guy in New Mexico from your ad. I had tried it for quite a while on Craigslist locally. Thanks for your help. I wish I had known about your site this summer when I sold a mint 2000 Cherokee sport with 99K miles. I did OK, however If I had used your site I know I would have gotten more. Next time I will come back to you first with my next jeep.
Thanks again, Doug in Colorado
I posted my 1984 J10 on and sold it in a week!
Fred Mix

I sold the FSJ for full price in just two hours after you posted it up.
Thanks Steve
Mark, Thanks for the reply. Yes it was sold because of your site. I got probably 6-8 inquires. It sold and was picked up Saturday, and I got 3 new emails this morning.
Thanks for your help. That is a good site for jeep people, Chris Trosper
We sold the 1976 red jeep Wagoneer, thank you for your help. It actually sold on the 3rd day.
Thanks again, Judd Adcock
Thank you for placing my Ad for our 1974 Jeep J-10. We had her for 47 years and sold her yesterday to a great family in California.
Thank you again, John Eggen
Hello Mark the jeep J20 sold. It sold from someone from the sight. As always thank you for your ad sir.
Greetings Mark, do me a favor and put my J2000 listing as sold. Thank you for having this website market place. I wanted a true lover of Jeeps to buy this and one did!
All the best, Justin Smith
Hello Mark I just wanted to let you know that the Jeep truck did sell from the site and for full price.
Thank You, Skyler
My 1972 Jeep J2000 has sold. I was getting 2-3 emails a day. People flew in from other states. Never got asked to reduce the price at all. The jeep pickup market seems to be picking up like all the other old trucks.
Thanks! Greg Freiner
Hi Mark, My 1978 Wagoneer sold today, that was super fast!
Thank you so much! Fritz Adkinson
Hello Mark, Looks like my truck has sold. First time buying or selling here and I can say that my response was good. Definitely a targeted audience. Really a good experience.
Thank you, Greg
Mr. Mark, Thank you for your site and the opportunity to advertise on it. I have looked at/used it for years.
Peace, Devon
Hi Mark, just a note to let you know that I sold my Jeep yesterday!!!! Thanks for your service
Jim Sellers
Hi Mark, The Jeep J10 has been sold, thanks to your site.
Thanks a bunch, Pennie Harris
Hi Mark, I posted an ad for a 1972 Jeep truck J10. I sold it. Your site is excellent. Several inquiries and got my asking price.
Thanks again, Heather M.
Hi Mark, I'm excited to say the sale of my 1952 Willis Jeep Truck was directed from the ad posted on your website! It generated interest locally & abroad! The sale came from 12 hours driving time one way thanks to your website!!!
Thank you & Happy Holidays, Pamela
Hi Mark, I just wanted to thank you all at JeepTruck for helping me sell my J20. Just left NH for PA a few hours ago to a grateful buyer. Your website is incredible. I met many nice people from all over the country via email, especially Dave, my truck's new owner.
Thank you, Steve Crisafi
Mark, Please mark the 1985 Red J10 as SOLD. Going to a great home in Denver. Thanks for your help.
Jay Lewton
Mark, Thanks again for your great website and assistance with selling my J20 Truck. I appreciate your help and good luck in the future.
Michael LeDuc
Just wanted to let you know that my 1967 M715 has sold. We had a lot of inquiries on the Jeep.
Thank You, Steve H.
Mark, I wanted you to know that we sold the 1979 Jeep J-20 truck to a guy from around Cleveland OH. He plans to restore it for regular use. I'm always glad to save one of these Jeep trucks from the jaws of the crusher. I received inquiries about the truck from all over the country. Your site really reaches a lot of people. Keep up the good work.
Rick Riley
Dear Mark, Please list the 79 Jeep Cherokee as sold. We were pleased with the amount of responses received from the ad.
Thank you!! Sheila Queen
Mark I have watched your site for several years, I bought my Cherokee Chief from your site and I still check your page at least three times a week and will still watch it as long as you have it!
Tim Wilson
Hi Mark, I'm happy to report that my 1980 Jeep J10 pick up has SOLD! Thanks so much for all your help and time spent advertising it for me. I was probably contacted by about six different individuals in regards to the truck.
Thank you! William Ross
Had my truck listed on ebay for nearly 30 days with plenty of views, but no action. Only had it listed with 10 days when it sold.
Thanks Mark! Stewart Childress
I was very pleased with my experience using this site. I have used it before to browse Jeeps for sale but this was my first time using it to sell. I sold my Jeep quickly and as a direct result of the ad. I received several inquiries, all of which were genuine and relevant as compared to other sites I've used to sell vehicles. is an excellent resource and well staffed and I'm excited to continue to use it both for buying and selling when I need to.
Layne Shaeffer
Mark, Ultimately the sale was a direct result of the free ad at I did have it posted on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I probably received three inquiries from each. Just FYI, I sold it for $23,000.
Thanks, Ben
We sold the Jeep. Thank you Mark. We received about 6 calls and 2 were very positive. All inquires were pleasant to visit with, enjoyed each one. Thank you for all your help.
Ron Fleenor
Mark, Please mark the Jeep J20 SOLD!! Thanks for your great site. Not only did I buy it off your site two years ago, but then sold it to a happy buyer in AL. I got the right buyer and got the price I needed. Thank you!!
Ed Ludtke
Hi Mark, I have sold my 1968 M725 Ambulance. Thanks and love the site.
Ken Hood
Hi Mark. Please mark it sold. A buyer and I have agreed on a price and he will be coming to pick it up! Thank you. Awesome service you provide. Great site. I visit it often. My wish list site!!
Thanks Keith
Great news! My Jeep has sold! I will be making a donation to show my appreciation. Glad I found your site!
Charles Townsend
Hi Mark, just wanted to let you know I was able to sell the bench seat thanks to the site!
Thanks! Matt
Hi Mark, Please place my 83 Jeep Honcho ad as sold! Thank you for your support and offering such a great service to fellow Jeep Truck owners!
Chris @ CODE 4X4, Inc.
Mark, Please mark the Jeep J20 SOLD!! Thanks for your great site, I found this wonderful truck last year and now sold it this year! I really did not want to, but needed to get a bigger cab truck! Appreciate it!!!
Ed Ludtke
Officially sold my truck thanks to your site, thank you for the awesome service!
Otto Maytag
Crawl to the Top worked. My J20 Mellow Yellow Pick Up is now sold. It is going to become a Miller Light Beermeister truck in Michigan! I got more inquires once I started the crawl to the top. I also had more serious buyers from your site vs Craig's list.
Thanks for the help! David Floersch
Jeepster Hurst Edition just sold! It's the second jeep that I have listed with you that has been sold quickly
James Bohuslaw
Mark, Jeep just left for its new home in Pennsylvania. It sold in 2 hours from the ad being posted! And I had 5 other guys who wanted it also. Thanks very much for hosting such a fine service for Jeep fans.
Thanks again, Gordon Herbert
Hi Mark, My truck sold, buyer found it through your site. You can mark it sold.
Thanks for the great site! Jeff Miller
Jeep has SOLD. Thank you for your amazing website that helped us sell it.
Appreciate it. Bret Rasmussen
We are so grateful for all your help. This has been a excellent experience dealing with you. We can't THANK YOU enough. Very impressed how fast and efficient you are not to mention super curdious and polite. Very very professional and patient and helpful.
Thanks again!! Patrick Gargan
The site was a great help and the prompt sale was direct result of the ad, the person that has purchased it is from about 1500 miles away. And there was a healthy amount of inquiries and interest from it as a result from posting it with you all. You have a winning formula keep up the great work. Thanks again!
Austin Erving
Mark, Great place to sell, allot of inquiries, really appreciate the free service!
Red Delaney
Mark! I sold my FC thanks to got about six people calling me and a couple of more e-mails.
Thanks for the GREAT EXPOSURE! Dan Laity
Hi Mark, please mark my ad Sold. I received quite a few inquiries, about a dozen, and the sale was a due to the ad on your site.
Thank you very much! Tony Henriquez
Mark, I just sold my 56 willys flatbed dump thru your site. Thank you very much for allowing me use of your site. It was nice to post and not have all the scams that come with the other places. The best part of the deal is that it went to someone who absolutely fell in love with it. You really do have a great site!
Thanks again, Craig
We were extremely pleased with your ads and your professionalism. We got a lot of great calls and had a few options.
Thank you very much, Glen Williams
Obtained 4 inquiries within 2 days. One gentleman drove up to us from West Palm Beach, Fl. To look. He came prepared to purchase and did so quickly. I hope he will be satisfied as I provided lots of new parts, straps, etc. Some with price tags still attached! Those others that called I informed them of sale
Thanks, Willard Round
Mark, you listed a motor for me on your site on 3/31/2017. The motor was sold, thanks for your web site, it's great!!
Herb W.
I sold my 1967 Jeep Gladiator J2000. It sold for $16,500 to a gentleman in Tennessee. He is going to have it shipped in early August. I sold it on the condition that I could keep it until after my son's wedding this last weekend. They wanted to use it for pictures. Happy / Sad to see it go.
Thanks for your help. Clark Pillsbury
Hi Mark, The truck was sold to a buyer from Canada who saw the jeep on your website I had three people ask about the jeep, Your web site is very nice. Thanks, John Malone
The ad looks great. Great site that you have. I never posted anything on line before yesterday. Your site was user friendly, even for us who are a bit behind the times with technology.
Thanks again, Craig
I had great luck with your wanted ad section! I found a bench seat nearly over night. Thanks so much for maintaining the site, it's great! Matt E.
Hi Mark, Today I woke up and someone was outside looking at my truck who had seen it on the website. They were local to the area and had seen my truck around but had no idea it was for sale. So thank you very much for your help.
Thank you again, Vonley Stanley
To anyone who has an older jeep and may not be tech savvy this is the site for you! Very easy to use. Mark follows up instantly to any questions you may have with an easy explanation. Get your jeep in front of as many buyers possible with as little hesitation as possible!!!
Thanks - Nicolai Encapera
I received probably a half dozen inquiries regarding the drivetrain and eventually sold it; time was reasonable considering the seriousness/work effort of the purchase. I have recommended your website to many people I met at the Bantam Jeep Festival last year.
Thanks for the website and all your effort! - Craig
I heard about your site from a fellow J10 friend. I was super pleased to see all of the different FSJ's in a wide variety of price ranges. I am please to tell you that the gentlemen that bought my jeep is still beaming with happiness. I was really pleased to sell it to another FSJ guy because he appreciates it and gave me a great price for it. I am also pleased that I will probably buy one from your site as soon as my garage is built and that is the whole reason I sold it in the first place. I got 3 or 4 inquiries and 2 that wanted it right after the other. So one gentlemen snoozed and lost and the other was disappointed as I had a second buyer so he couldnt offer less. I had originally posted it at 9500 and lowered it to 8k firm. So I guess I got pretty close to what I was hoping.
Thanks again....and let me know if I can help you with anything. FSJ for life!
James Goeldner - Damage Inc. 4x4 Club President, WOHVA Club Membership Chair
Thanks for the great website. Please note that the FC150 is sold.
Mike A.
Mark, Please mark the J20 I had on your site as sold. I'm still getting inquiries about it. Thanks for the opportunity to list and sell on your sight.
R Stobaugh
Hi Mark - I am happy to report that my truck is now sold, and you can mark it as such on your website. I will make a Paypal donation to thank you for your assistance and for a great website.
Thanks again, Mike LeDuc
Howdy Mark, The M715 has been sold! Thanks for posting it up, I had many calls on it from that posting.
All the best! Patrick
Hi Mark, You can pull my ad down for the transfer case and truck box. I had a reply from Michael in Ottawa and he was excellent to deal with, boxed up the transfer case and had it shipped to me with in days. Excellent service.
Thanks again, Cheers, Doug Morgan
Hi Mark, As before, after posting on your site, the truck sold the next morning, and is on the way to the new owner. With numerous additional calls.
Best regards, Steve Davis
Mark I sold my 1959 FC that is listed in your featured ads. I had it listed on many online sites, yours was the only one that I received inquires from. It left New Mexico this morning on it's way to Hamlin, New York.
Thanks again, Steve Lamken
Mark my 1952 Willys PU truck has been sold. I took the first offer which was close to what I wanted out of it. I have had several other inquires. I am happy with the results from your site and will refer anyone interested in this type of vehicle.
Thanks Joe
Mark, you were kind enough to post an ad for my 1984 Jeep J10 on Saturday and it sold on Sunday as a direct result of the ad. I just want to thank you for your site and can't believe it sold in 24 hours as a direct result. You can mark it "Sold" on your site to show others how quickly a sale can happen.
Thanks Mark, Gary Palmer
Hi Mark, I Sold the 1978 J10, they took the whole truck back to Florida. Mark it Sold.
Thanks, Martin G
Hello there my truck just sold and just to let you know I'm sure it was from the help of your site since I've had it on Craigslist for a year. Thanks for your help by the way
Terry Hansen
My Jeep sold through your site. Thanks for a great place to advertise. You can mark it as sold. Will be visiting the site in the future to shop now that I have a fresh jeep sized void in my life.
Lance Kelley
My Late Fathers 1961 Willys Jeep sold today. Very happy with and helping me place an ad and giving it very good exposure to sell. I highly recommend this site for selling a Jeep you are looking to sell. Very good customer service.
Thank You, Dan Domanchuk
Thanks Mark! Appreciate the help! Great site for us FSJers!
Sean Mullady
After placing a want ad for a 1958 "W" tailgate in Colorado for his Willys truck Sandy had this to say...
Thanks for the awesome site, got gate and other original items from source only 40 minutes away!
Thanks Again, Sandy Jaynes
Mark, Thank you so much for helping us out! Robert picked up the JEEP Truck and we are sprucing it up for our daughter's birthday later this month. We'll keep an eye on your website. Thank you for great service!
Thank you, Kristin and Robert Wade
Hello Mark, I got a call on my Comanche Oct 12, only 2 days after you posted the ad. Buyer flew in from out of state and picked it up today. I again want to thank you for all your help. You can go ahead and mark it "SOLD"
Thanks, Dudley M.
My 1961 Willys Jeep pickup sold as a direct result of your ad. I think there were five inquiries. I commend you for offering this service to the Jeep community.
Thank you very much, Jeff Dietz
After Tim's cab sold in 10 hours here's what he had to say.
Mark thank you the truck cab just sold today the gentleman said he saw it on your site. I will be listing some other items.
Tim Furry Jr (TJ)
Jeep sold within 7 days of posting. is the definitive source for anyone looking for that one of a kind Jeep truck or needing to sell one of their extras to fund another project.
Sincerely, Lee Rhoades
Please mark my Jeep truck as sold I had 4 contacts from the site. The first one who saw it, bought it. I was asking $8k but took $7k. Never would have happened without your help.
Martin Johnson
I am letting you know that the jeep that I had for sale on your sight has just sold. The 1963 Jeep Gladiator J-300. I want to thank you for your help. I'm glad I found a site I can trust.
Thank you again, Scott Brucker
Thoroughly enjoy your site. Been exploring your site for a few years now. Haven't yet found "The one". Sure it is a matter of time. Keep up the good work. Refer to your site daily.
Thanks Tim
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know that I sold my truck this afternoon to a gentleman from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. I had other inquiries from Arizona and Wisconsin. Your great website and your fine assistance made my sale possible. You obviously have a large and loyal following. My truck is going to a man who intends to do a complete restoration. He is 60 years old and has wanted a Willys since he was 15.
Mark, Thank you so much for all your help. Fred Bolenske
Hi Mark, I sold the Jeep Truck your website is awesome! I was very happy with the number and quality of the responses from the ad.
Thank you, Mark Struhs
Hi Mark, I sold my Jeep J4000 thanks to your website! I've been trying to sell it local on Craigslist and the ol reliable for sale sign in the window for 5 years. I put it on your site and I had numerous emails from people showing interest and sold it to a guy in Illinois.
Thanks R.J.
After Toby's Honcho sold in 1 day here's what he had to say.
Hey Mark, It just sold for full asking price from your site! That was quick!
Thank you so much! Toby
Sold the truck today! Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate your site and your help. Thanks again!
Thanks again! Dave Jessup
Mark my truck has sold. I could not believe so many people were interested in these trucks. I had over 20 inquiries in the last 2 weeks. One thing about your site is the people who buy from it know how hard these trucks are to find in good condition. Hope to get me a Gladiator some day.
Thanks very much for your help, Keith Adams
Mark, I have sold my 1976 Jeep J10 Long Bed pickup for the advertised price. I had several inquiries and it sold five days after being posted on your website. Your website worked great for me in accomplishing the sale. I have made an additional contribution to your website to further show my appreciation.
Thank You Joe Browning
The M715 sale was from a contact that saw it on your site. He was in Alabama and a friend met him in Atlanta with the truck. He's very happy with it... got it running within 2 days. : ) We took a little less, but it won't go to waste. We received over half a dozen inquiries on it from your site which is more than Craigslist did.
Thank you much... will keep your site in mind for the future. - Sue and Bruce Jackson
I recently placed an ad on and within days I started receiving requests for information. The truck sold within 2 months of posting the ad with no other ads used - strictly through Almost every response was from a knowledgeable interested party, with little time wasted on tire kickers. I believe is the first and best place to buy or sell a Jeep Truck!
Thanks! Craig
Mark, just wanted to let you know that I sold my 81 stepside yesterday. A man drove 18 hrs from Ohio to Louisiana to buy it and your site was the only place it was listed. I never even put a for sale sign on it.
Thanks and keep up the good work. Jason Airhart
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I have sold the capstan winch. I appreciate all you've done to make this happen.
Thanks again. Chris Jaen
Mark, just wanted to say thank you again. The buyer on my Willys pickup was a local guy that found it on I had 2 bad experiences selling on ebay so I think I'm done with them. Thanks again Mark and you will get all my future business!
Richard Hudspeth
Mark, We sold our Jeep truck!!! Thank you for listing our truck, you guys were awesome and we had a number of phone calls. If you could, please remove the add, thanks again for the help, great website.
Chester M.
I sold the 1982 Jeep J10, sold it for 7000.00 to a gentleman in Sweden who is shipping it back to Sweden. Thanks so much for your help and support.... love your site and appreciate what you do for Jeep lovers everywhere.
Sincerely, Todd R.
Mark my 1979 Jeep truck sold in Sacramento! Thank you for your web page, you guys rock. It was the white one, a barn find.
Whit Davis - Can't wait to buy my next truck!
After upgrading to a Featured Ad here is what Doc had to say....
Hi Mark, Sold the jeep yesterday, and the shippers came and got it today. The ad was more than worth it!
Thanks Doc
I have an ad running for mid 50's truck parts and have sold everything off as a result of that ad. Although I had some listings elsewhere, your site was what did the trick.
Rick M.
Mark, This site is awesome. Keep up the good work. I log onto to your site at least once a day. The classified ads are my favorite. The links to your other advertisers have been a resource in the past. Keep it up and let us know when you are selling a new T-shirt. Always receive comments when I wear the one with future Jeep trucks.
Best, Dave W.
I have sold the 1982 Jeep J10 today. I have had many inquiries about the Jeep and it was because of your web site. Thanks very much for your help.
Larry Parks
I have sold 4 trucks and bought at least 4 on I use the featured ad option. Working with Mark is always easy and professional.
Curt F.
Hey Mark, I sold the 79 Cherokee Chief. I have gotten so many calls on both jeeps from your site.
Thanks again. U rock!!   Drew
Thanks so much for your web site. Had great success selling my jeep. will use you again in the future.
Robert Mehrten
Hi Mark! I have sold the jeep, thanks so much for the listing, there isn't a better site to place/sell a jeep then this site.
Keep up the good work!  Dave

Mark! I certainly can say that the speed of which the Willys pickup sold was amazing. The person who bought it said that they also look at your site once or twice a day. I also do a lot of marketing for my business and can say that your website is well laid out and very user friendly.
Thank you again! Jay
Mark, I sold the 73 J4000 for the asking price today. It was found on your webpage.
Thanks for your assistance and your great web site  Joseph Angelino
Thanks so much for posting my ad on your site. Within minutes of receiving your email I had several calls on the truck, including one from a local guy who has now puchased the vehicle from me. Sold in 2 days. Can't thank you enough and a much more pleasant experience than my prior listing on Craigslist.
Chuck Micklavzina
Mark- Thank you again for listing my truck. It has sold to a nice fellow and his brother in Missouri. It was dropped off at the shippers two days ago.
Great job!  Greg Wright
Mark; You have a great web site, the exposure was amazing. I had a 1956 Willy's 4 x 4 convertible, fully restored. The Jeep had been in my family since 1956 and I took over ownership in 1980 having it for 33 years. With the advertisement and pictures it drew responses as far west as Plato,Texas, south to Hilton Head, N.C, west to the Wisconsin lakes region and north to Ontario. Inquiries came in every week, numbering over twenty plus and still were coming in after the Willy's was transported away on a car carrier. The "Willy's sold in three weeks time, and I had two back up offers standing. And I got my asking price. Again it only happen with exposure on your web site. If there was a lesson to learn from this experience: if you want a Willy's, don't sit on your hands, owners have spent lots of good money restoring these jeeps back to their original construction, buy it because someone else will.
Thank you Mark and thanks to the website. Alan Scribner
A lot going on with the site today. I like it, the new articles, new sale listing. Keep up the good work. FYI, I get cool comments on the Jeep concept t-shirt.
Best, Dave White
Wanted to let you know that I have sold my M677 as a direct result of your ad and received a dozen very serious inquiries about the truck. I sold it to a guy in Washington.
Thanks for your help!   Vic Daily
Your website is great, I've already sold my jeep. I got a ton of hits from all over the country. I also posted it on Craiglist here locally and got less than 10 inquiries. But I got numerous hits daily from people on your site. Thanks for everything.
David Knox
Hi Mark, I'm a big fan of the Jeep Truck website - it's a great resource for antique jeep owners.
Thank you - Tom Moore
Hey Mark Could you please mark the j20 I have posted as sold. I never expected the amount of interest I received from your site. Keep up the good work.
Thanks a bunch...Jeremy
I am notifying you that the 1967 Jeep/Kaiser that you posted for Ovid Shepherd has been sold. I would like to thank you for your web site. We had so many people that were interested in the truck and that is because of your website. What I think is pretty cool is that we live in NJ and the family that bought it drove all the way from Texas to pick it up. So thank you again and have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year.
Sue Shepherd
After advertising on Craigslist for over two weeks without any luck here's what Chris had to say about his ad on our site....
Hello Mark, First of all thank you. Second the wagoneer sold within 2 hours of the posting. Sold at 11 pm. He was really quick, paid cash, and knew what he was doing and buying. Thank you soooooo much Mark!!!! The website really surprised me with how quick and easy this sale went. He called within 30 minutes or so, but it was sold 2 hours after. The amount of traffic going through the website definitely helped, holy COW!
Thank you MARK, Chris Halpin
Mark - Sold another grill thanks to your website. I got terrific responses from real interested buyers.
Thanks again - Kurt Pilz
I want to thank you so much for posting my Jeep truck for sale! and inform you, I sold it! you guys are awesome, but I need to take the ad down now, I'm getting responses still, and have to inform them the truck is gone. I had an overwhelming amount of poeople call from your site. You guys are awesome!
Thanks again - Jason Harris

Mark, I have sold the 1979 Jeep J10 thanks to your great web site better than ebay. I will be make a donation to you soon for your web site. I have told alot a people about your site and they love it.
Have a great weekend. - Mike Torrence
Just to let you know, I sold the little 1960 Dispatcher. A fellow drove 2000 miles from Missouri to buy it, I just towed it across the line here and met him today and he's on his way back!
Thanks again for the ad! -Scott
Thanks for having the best Jeep site on the web.
I got my Willys sold today. I also wanted to say thanks for all the help and will be making a donation to the site. I appreciate everything you did.
Thanks, Chance Honey
Thank you for posting on your site. Several people contacted me via your site, and everyone that knew anything about j-trucks knew about your awesome site!
Cam C.
Your page gave me the inspiration for this build!!!! And you can quote me on that!!!
74 Jeep J10 from a loyal reader
Mark, Just wanted to let you know the Jeep sold. Thanks for the help with everything. I think the featured ad thing did it. I got about three inquiries, and ended up working out something with the first person that e-mailed me. Thanks again and I most likely wouldn't have sold it this quick without your help.
Jeff Keller
Mark had about 15 calls and had a person drive 600 miles from Lower AL to NC and picked up Saturday afternoon. Your web site is a big help and very usefull not a whole lot for FSJ Jeeps out there.
Mark, Sold the 1970 Jeep this weekend from your site. Better than Craigslist.
Mark-another sale realized due to your website-many thanks!
Kurt P.
I actually did get several inquiries about this old truck. I ended up selling it to a fellow who lives here in North Carolina. He would not have known about the truck if he had not seen it on your website. I have only had two listings on your site and they have both sold due to your site. My donation is coming. I really appreciate your help.
Thank you, Dwayne W.
Hi Mark. I sold the 1982 J10 pickup today. So you can mark it SOLD. Thanks for the great JEEP site.
Roger Lyon
Hello Mark. "" is a fantastic site. I find myself spending way too much time on it.
Thanks again. Darren Shearer
Mark, My Willys sold today with the transaction of cash payment and changing of possession. The buyer saw the advertisement on your website.
Thanks so much.  Kevin G.
Hi Mark, The Jeep ended up going for $3,500.00 and was shipped to Canada. Thank you for your assistance. I mailed a donation today.
Sincerely, Geoff
Mark, I want to let you know that I sold the Willys. Thank you for your help and good advice. The person who bought it was fairly close by. I'll also be making a donation. Again, thank you for the great site and service.
Best, Jeff

Hey Mark, I was astonished by the inquiries. Both the speed and the sheer volume of "truly" interested parties. The first contact was via text message 12 minutes after you e-mailed me that it was posted on line. Not a single day went by that I didn't have at least one new contact via e-mail text or direct phone call. In all I had 27 potential buyers & I'd say all but one were serious & knew exactly what kind of special J truck they were looking at. Most of the buyers were from up north. I fielded calls from MN, MI, OH, NY, MA, MD, VA & also Ontario & Quebec. I had an offer that was high enough to sell on the second day and it may have gone higher but there was no reason to make the buyer wait any longer. My goal was definitely accomplished with your site reaching the exact market that it needed to be shared with.
Thanks again...TJ
Mark Please list my truck as sold. Your site has provided me with numerous calls.
Thank You Joe
I found my 1967 Kaiser M715 on JEEPTRUCK.COM I have had it for 3 years now and it is still one of the nicest ones I've ever seen, I love it!!
Thanks, Lee M. GIbson
Thank you very much! I have already got some good leads on some parts and info I have much needed. You have the best Willys site thats out there!
Dave B.
I sold and delivered the 1960 willys to Phoenix AZ, it's going to be a father & son project thank you.
Bob D.
Hi Mark just wanted to say thanks for listing the 62 willys pickup for me and let you know it is sold. I did what you said and listed it on craigslist with a link to your site and ended up selling it to a local buyer that found it on craigslist but he did go to your sight as well as did a lot of others and had a lot of calls from all over the U.S. from your ad so go head and mark it sold. I also have a few more willys trucks and wagons and a 1945 military jeep and lots of parts so I will be listing with you again soon.
Thanks again Jerry
Mark-yet another sale realized because of your website! I am having trouble keeping up with the many responses
Thanks again! Kurt
Thank you for your great site it got me the parts I was looking for.
Daniel Miller
Mark-another sale realized due to the website! I will keep finding Jeep parts to list-thanks so much!
Great Web Site I get a better response here than ebay .. Keep up the good work
Joe Farrelly, So. California
Track record on your site is good it sure cuts to the chase on your site. Its the only place I go now.
Keep up the good work! - Thanks, Judd Nolf
You helped me list my jeep on your page and it sold. A fellow out in Washington state bought it. Thanks for the help selling it, I miss it, but I got my asking price!
Thanks again, Mike Grierson
I enjoy your website and visit the site often to check out what's for sale. Thank you and I will try to make a donation to help keep the site going.
Thanks, Jason is an excellent resource and I check it everyday. Folks know that there are always new postings and if you are not looking that something will be gone soon. I think the entire site is well managed and you are very helpful !!!
Thanks again, Curt
My M715 jeep sold and has been delivered to Conneticut. I had 3 serious inquiries right away and a few more after I made the deal with the buyer.  Your site was great and I will look into the donation section in the near future.
Thank you very much. - Pat Peterson
Sold my Jeep Saturday! Thanks for all your help through this process.
Thanks - Nathan Farrow
Delivered the truck on Friday, the new owner has 5 other Jeep trucks. She shows them. I'm so delighted my "baby" went to such a wonderful home. Thank you so much for your help. I couldn't have done it without your website!
Vicki Litz
Thanks to your ad I sold my Jeep! So you may take down the ad at your convenience.
Thanks again, Matt Beck
Thanks for your quick response. Love your site , go to it on a weekly basis just looking. Not a lot of old Jeeps in eastern Virginia.
Thanks again, Rob Abernathy
Thanks again for a great website.
Just wanted to let you know my Jeep truck did sell. It only took about 3 days. That is great. It was the 1966 Gladiator.
Thanks again, Dwayne Wright
Hey Mark .. Thank you & Thank You, Sold the Jeep - 1956 Engine Some guy grabbed it, $500 for a 50 year old engine .. is just fine with me.
Joseph Farrelly
Thank you so much for your site!!. We sold the truck and it was painless. We are sending you a thank you for your hard work. Please watch for it in the next few days. Thanks again and we will spread the good word about you and your site.
David and Tammie Glover - Barboursville, WV
1947 Willys Pickup - Sold in one week
Mark - the truck sold as a direct result of the ad on your site, I had at least 5 other buyers lined up if the original buyer backed out. To say the response was more than expected would be an understatement.
Mark: Thanks to your website I have sold my Jeep truck!!! Thank you for this excellent site! Please mark it as sold on the website.
Mark Wolf, Albuquerque, NM
Mark, Thank you for helping me sell our Kaiser M715. I placed an ad with you and the truck has sold. Your help was the reason we sold the truck so quick.
Kenneth Glover
Hey Gary here found a happy buyer who I made a great deal with in Baton Rouge..[u guys found him] thanks..[thanks jeep truck]
Gary Clark, Clark Auto Finders
Just wanted to let all of you who had inquired about the pickup listed at, that the sale was completed and it is on a semi flatbed headed to the new owner in Georgia. Thank you all, I was surprised and overwhelmed by so much interest!
I love your website and tell all my Jeep friends about it. I have a 1955 Willys pickup that I am putting on a 1990 Chevy S-10 blazer. I have referenced your site many times for ideas, articles and vendors and looking at what is for sale. I just purchased a few parts from Walck's.
Thank you! - Jay Knight
Mark, I want to inform you that my truck sold. It was sold to a guy up in Oregon. Thanks so much for your help with the ad. You guys have a great web site. There were two guys on the same day that wanted the truck. David and his son flew down yesterday and drove it home.
Thanks again - Glenn Ramsey

We got TONS of responses! Probably at least 40. We had it sold within a month of it going on the site. We had people from Canada, Arizona, California, Florida, and everywhere in between calling or emailing us about it. We're recommending the site to a few friends who have vast jeep collections. We really appreciate you allowing us to advertise on your site!!!
- Derek and Megan Hovey
I always enjoy this site... I think it is the most valuable site out there for FSJ and Willys owners. Thanks for the good work.
- Jim Stephens
Sold it this morning, could not have done it without your site.
Thank you very much.  Dave G.
Just wanted to say thanks again for running the ad; getting interest from all over the country. And Canada too : )
- David Hernandez

"My 1949 Willys one-ton pickup sold on within three days at the price I wanted. There was really a lot of interest in it, and I continued to get calls and emails for two weeks, as I waited for the payment check to arrive from the buyers. I could have sold three or four more trucks! Mark was very helpful in telling me how to post my ad, including pictures and a link from my Craigslist ad to If I have another truck to sell, I know where to post it."
Signe Johnson, Philipsburg, Montana
My Jeep-Truck sold yesterday. Thank you so much. Your sight really helped.!!!!
Deirdre B.
Hi Mark, please if you can post SOLD to my jeep. Was sold the same day it was posted but was waiting to complete the deal. You will be receiving a donation from me early next week
Thanks, Mario
Your site is really great. Alot of interesting vehicles. We purchased another M715 recently and just starting a build on it. I go out to your site often just to look at other trucks to get ideas...
Thanks - Jeff
Thank you Mark for allowing our small town Fire Dept. to list our truck on your site. The buyer traveled six hours to get here, then drove it home to Tennessee. Your site was a big help in getting it sold. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy looking at your site.
Trent P., Huron Vol. Fire Dept.
Mark, My jeep sold this past Wed. brought exactly what I wanted. Wish I had 20 more just like it to sell on your site. I would recommend anyone to use your site. Wish it covered regular jeeps as I have a low mileage CJ-7 to sell as well.
Thank you great job!  Lester E.
Well Lester you can visit our other site at to sell that CJ7.
Hey Mark, Thanks so much for the site. You are right to say that quality, targeted buyers come to The truck sold quickly and easily. We will surely be using you, again, in the future very soon. The truck sold off the site and is now on it's way to South Carolina! Thanks for the help!
Brett H.
You do a great service to Jeep Truckers
Thanks Again, Steve B.
Wanted to let you know that I sold the truck thanks to your website. Thanks! Now I'm trying to decide what the next project will be. Maybe a M715 with a Cummins diesel or a Commando... See you in Butler!
Thanks, Steve L.
My ad (Rolling Frame 68 Jeep M-715) please mark as sold. Thank you for this service you provide. I have enjoyed meeting people across the country that have the same interest.
Thanks,  Billy Buck
Mark, Thanks so much for your help. I delivered the Truck this past Saturday about 2 1/2 Hours from me. Everything went well. The buyer was satisfied. Go ahead and remove the listing.
Thanks Again, Sammy
Mark thank you and very much I have sold Mr Haney(57willys),  it went to a very excited man in Atlanta Ga.
I have sold some of the parts on the 84 wagoneer, a guy in Md bought parts. your sight was great, I still and will have my 82' J-20 as it is a real trooper, I don't drive it full time now, but it is the greatest back-up vehicle, to get you out of a bind, pull anything you hook to it truck. thanks again for your sight, and of course, I still visit and tell people about
thanks again, Mark Baggett.
I would recommend this site to anyone that has a jeep trying to sell it. I thank you for all your help.
Ben Patterson
Mark, Thanks so much for helping me sell my 1970 Jeep Gladiator. You have a great service and helped with parts and this sale.
Ed Ludtke
You can mark my truck SOLD!!! Had more response than E-Bay. I will send a donation soon Merry Christmas Thanks again
Please mark my ad for my 1970 Jeep Truck as SOLD! Thanks so much, great site and I had very good response.
Ed Ludtke
Mark, my M715 w/ the Caddy 500 sold this past weekend. Thank you very much for posting the ad for me. I'm looking at a truck for sale from your website also. I have a bunch of friends that are full size Jeep enthusiasts and have directed them to your site also. Keep up the great work, it was a pleasure dealing with you!
Thanks again - Bill Hartzell
Mark another great job please show our Grand Wagoneer Sold.
Thanks Daryl - Passing Lane Motors
My Jeep has been sold as of this weekend. Thank you for providing this wonderful website.
Ben Kraft
I placed an ad with to sell my father's 1984 Jeep J10 Pickup and within a week had received inquiries and within 2 months had sold it to a Jeep collector near San Antonio, Texas for what my family considered to be a very fair price. We owe this quick sale to the quality and professionalism provided by those associated with and how well respected this site is among Jeep enthusiasts and collectors. receives my highest recommendation.

Steven Kime
Dallas, Texas
Just sold my truck from someone who found it on your website----Thanks!!!
Dennis Miller
What a great site you have, got two calls already
Thanks again! - Daryl B.
..... 6 days later Daryl writes
Hello Mark, great job! could you please show my 83 J20 as sold!!!
Thanks you guys are awesome! - Daryl Ball - Passing Lane Motors
Please mark my Willy's truck and parts as sold. I had many inquiries. Thanks for all you help selling them.
- Chris Tarras
Please mark sold on the Tires ad in your parts section. Reeled in another one thanks to your web site.
Thank you.  Judd
You can officially mark mine SOLD, the guy sent a car carrier today to pick it up and it's on it's way to Knoxville TN.. Thanks again for everything and I will certainly tell all of my 4X4 friends about your site and hopefully when the economy turns around I can own another Jeep in my future!
Best Regards - Buddy Bundy
Your site has been a VERY big help with my project.
Thanks, Ed - 1970 Jeep J-3800 Gladiator Pick-up, Camper Special package
You run a cool site that a lot of us Jeep truck guys are very thankful for.
Thanks again,  Chip E.
Attempting to find a website that discusses this Willys/Jeep Truck/Van thingy. in the process of my search, I did stumble upon a great website about Trucks: There are features, trucks and parts for sale, a comprehensive links page, and more. - website that highlights pre-1984 Jeeps with an emphasis on flatfenders.
I sold the Willys thanks for listing it for me.
Thanks again and best wishes, Larry K.
I really like the fact that your site is Jeep only you get to your target market. Will recommend your site to others looking for Jeep stuff.
Thanks again, Garrett H.
We sold the Jeep more response than from Craigslist. We didn't get any weird scam types through your site like on Craigslist, which was nice. The new owner has a landscaping company in Baton Rouge, La. He is going to use it to service water pumps for irrigation systems and use in parades. He and his partner picked it up this past weekend. They just kept giggling with excitement when they saw it and couldn't wait to get home and start working on it. All their friends are envious. We are glad it will have a new life and will be appreciated. Thanks for your help. We will be sending a donation to your cause.
Dick Hudson and Shirley
Please mark the 1967 Jeep as sold. I can't thank you enough for providing an outlet to sell these things.
Thanks for helping me sell my Willy's that I had for sale. You can mark it as sold I sold it this weekend. I had many inquires on the truck because of the ad and it was a direct result of the ad I placed on your website. I was very pleased with your sight and how easy it was to place my ad.
Thanks Again, Chris Tarras
Mark...Thank you for your post it really helped put my Jeep out there.
update your site... so I don't get anymore phone calls, and emails.
Thanks again... you guys rock! I will buy another JEEP!
Ray Rueda
The 1968 has sold. I appreciate all your help on getting these things sold. Thanks so much for the work you've put into this and for creating such an awesome website.
Brandon Holt
Thank you Mark for your support and for helping us to advertise. I will mail a donation next week to you for the many links and information that your site provides.
Thanks again, Jo
Thanks for your help, love your website, if I ever buy another Jeep this will be the first place I stop by.
Tom F.
I have sold the 1966 Gladiator the sale was a direct result of our free ad. I got a lot of inquiries.
Thanks - Steve H.
Thank you so much for posting my FC. I love your site.
Thanks again!   Dan du Bois
Thanks for keeping my add on your site I sold my 77 Jeep pickup truck. The guy that bought it was very happy. Thanks Again and I still have more Jeep stuff and will be putting it on the site in the near future.
handle - JEEP67327
I just wanted to let you know the '61 Willys truck that was posted on 2/10 has been sold, so you can post it on the link and let potential buyers know.
The ad received a tremendous response from all corners of the U.S. My buyer was from out of state, but bought after he saw it advertised on your site.
Thanks so much!   Darryl
I Sold the 1962 Willys Jeep advertised with your website. I got immediate feedback and many inquiries using It's a much better way to sell a vehicle than craigslist because it markets directly to serious Jeep enthusiasts around the country.
Vilma Gregoropoulos
Your site ROCKS!!!! Really enjoy it.
Joe - M725
The bed just sold, it went to Louisiana. Thanks! He saw the ad on your site and I have had two other inquiries that I had to turn down. He flew in to Spokane and drove 3 hours through wheat farm country to get to my house. He was amazed at how many old trucks we have sitting around this part of the country.

I have had a good experience with you and would recommend your site to anyone I know who is selling Jeeps. - 8' Gladiator bed excellent condition.
Thanks for maintaining The response to our ad for the Gladiator truck was overwhelming. We'll be listing more Jeeps for sale soon.
Rick and Pauletto Riley
Sold the bed! Thanks for your site! - 1979' 7' J10 bed with the tail gate
William Wilkes
I had several inquires on the M715 after reposting it at a lesser price. The buyer drove 14 hours one way to buy it. I had posted it on craigslist also but he saw it on your site.
Thanks again, Jon Childers
Thanks to you and your web page I sold my truck and yes I had a lot of inquiries and one from NC came and got it Thanks to you.
Sincerely, David Hughes
1981 Jeep J10 Stepside it sold! A guy in Florida bought it after he found it on your site. Thanks again!
Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing
Found my '56 pickup on your site, great truck. Thanks for the site.
Mark, I have been reading your webpage for 2.5 - 3 yrs. I listed a Willys p/up for sale and I really appreciate the work you do for Jeep owners.
Joseph Angelino - Norwich NY
Thanks. Your site worked like a charm. Not exactly the price I had hoped, but then again, all are happy.
Thanks so much. - Russ    M725
Mark, I wanted to thank you for listing my Gladiator diesel pickup truck twice on your site. It went to Alabama to live with a big Jeep fan from the South. I received lots of calls from interested parties and met a lot of nice Jeep fans in the process. I plan to list some more Jeeps for sale in the future
Thanks for all your help,  Rick Riley
Thanks for your help Mark selling my 1966 Jeep Gladiator. P.S. Great site!
Cheers,   Dan B.
I first would like to thank you for listing this item on your website. Your website has helped us sell the M715 at a reasonable price. We had numerous contacts about this item and we look forward to trying to sell some of the other army items we have in my late fathers estate. I will be contacting you again for sale of those items at a later date.
At this time, could you please remove this item from your web site. Even today, as I wrap up the sale, I am getting calls on this item.
Again, thank you and I look forward to dealing with you again soon.
Mark Clark
Every once in a while I come across an informative and interesting website that I like to tell you about. Jeep is one of them. The site is full of information and photos about Jeep Trucks, from the Willys right up to the last full size and Comanche trucks.
-- Off Road Action, Worlds Largest Old School Off Road Site! on the Web
Thanks to you and your great website my Jeep J10 is SOLD! My buyer would more than likely not have been reached if it were not for your site, my Jeep is from central Washington and my buyer is from Queensland, Australia. J10's were never imported to the land of Oz and this one will be getting transformed to right hand drive and be one of the few or only ones in the land down under.
Thanks again,
M-715 motor. I wanted to let you know that I did sell it thank you. Clear across the country to boot. Couldn't have done it without you thank you. It won't be the last time I nag you! Please mark the add sold. Thanks again!
The J20 sold last week. It's a bitter sweet moment, letting go of "Big Red". Thank you for listing her. I will continue to be a fan of the site. Thanks again.
E. Meyers
It took me about 10 minutes to find your web site, in ten more minutes I found a jeep that looked a lot like the jeep my dad had in my youth (30 years ago). A couple of pictures and a phone call established that this was in fact my dad's old truck. I bought it, had it delivered, and was able to confirm by VIN it was my dad's. (his name was also stenciled on the fire extinguisher still mounted under the dash)
Thanks for a great site.
Hi, just wanted to thank you for advertising my 1986 Jeep Truck J20. It was sold on Monday for more then what I was asking. The party showed up with cash and took the truck with them. It was great! a Big Thanks again. I have another Jeep Truck J10 if I decide to sell it I will go through you.
Charles M.
I just wanted to let you know you can list my truck as "SOLD". Thank you again for your posting. I love your site.
Anson P.
I am letting you know that the truck has sold. I appreciate everything that you did for the ad. Thanks a lot and I will refer to your site often.
Truck was a direct sell from your site I sure appreciate it sold within two days.
Fred B.
I sold the 50 willys pickup with the flat bed. Again, another vehicle sold from direct info from your fantastic website. Thank you so much. The best on the net !!!!!!!!
Gary C.
I sold my 54 willys wagon about a month ago and also sold a 49 wagon. Both sales were directly because of your fantastic Website. Thank you so much for all you do for all the Jeep guys out there Best website on the net !!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Gary C.
I sold my truck I got a lot of interest from your site. Thank you very much your website is awesome.
Anson P.
Sold the truck Thanks for your help. You got a great web site.
C. Dub
Truck sold thanks Mark not to many 1966 Gladiator Jeeps out there. Owner will ship from San Diego all the way to the other side of the USA Mass. I had plenty of calls due to your web site thanks so much. I have had about 2 to 3 calls a week or more.
Reginald David Olson
We sold the Kaiser a guy from WY bought it, Thanks for the ad!!
M715 is sold, Thanks for the help, great site for Jeepers.
87 J10 sold. I got alot of inquiries and it was the only place I had it listed.
Truck has been sold. Lots of interest, The site really works well. Thank you very much.
Dave S.
I appreciate your site. I check it almost daily for info and parts. Thanks for your time and assistance.
I visit all of the time and check out the classifieds section for sure. I love the site.
Could you list the 1973 Jeep J4000 4X4 as sold. I got tons of inquiries and I did indeed sell the truck to someone responding to the ad.
The 1987 Jeep J10 Pickup that I posted For Sale has been sold. I had alot of inquiries from all over the country. was the only place that I had it listed. Thanks
Thanks for listing the Gladiator truck on your site. I've received calls from all over the United States. I'll be sure to list items I have for sale in the future.
Rick Riley
Thanks for posting my truck on your site, I have sold the truck thanks to your ad.
David Ward
Thanks for the ad. This is to let you know we have sold the Jeep M715.
Thanks Again Kathy
I sold my Jeep 78 wagoneer had lots of inquiries. Thanks for the help....
Richard Clark
The 1977 Jeep J10 (camo) has been sold. I think the service was great! Great website.
Please mark my listing as sold. Thank you for listing it. I had more response from this site than ANY other it was listed on. Thank you again.
Gladiator truck left this morning for Minnesota. Site worked out well.
Dave S.
Your site is great. I'm new to Jeeps (and trucks and 4X4's). Love my 81 J10. Wonder where it's been all my life. Your site is classy, no sales pitch, no bull. Good stuff. Thanks.
Jan McNeil
Thanks for listing my truck on your website. I know I wouldn't have sold it without your jeep website
Thank you very much for your site and the use of it for my ad. Because of your site I had two excellent hits on it of which I sold it too the second person who took interest in it. I am in Oregon and a fellow Jeep Truck maniac like myself in Athens, GA bought the truck for full asking price and had it shipped. Again Thank you so much for the use of your site!!
Charles Dorst
I recieved calls from quite a few readers of your website. It sold to one of them. Thank you.
Brad Foss
I found a very nice J-10 thanks to your site. Now the fun part…
Martin Johnson
Mark, the 1956 Willys Jeep sold from your listing. Thank you so very much for your help.
The response that mattered…the one that bought our truck did come from your site. Thanks for the assistance.
Heather Ford
I did get a number of inquiries on the ad and sold it as a result of your ad space. I very much appreciate your help.
Thanks, Wilton Adams
The 69 Jeep J3000 pick-up all original is now sold this website made it possible, I could'nt have done it without it.
Thanks again, John
We are all huge fans of Jeep Truck. We find it a great resource for everything Jeep.
James Carver, Vice President, Grass Roots Jeep Club
I got a ton of inquiries from your site from all over the country. Your site was great with you posting the photo for me since I don't know how to do that stuff.
Thanks, Dean.
You can note my posting as sold. Of interest to you is that I got my asking price. I am very happy with the results. My thanks to you and your website. keep up the good work.
Chuck Peters
Mark, Thanks for the awesome website. You can mark the truck as sold.
Jay Abbott
I just bought a j20 and I've been pretty much reading everything about them and I recently ran across your website and it is full of the best links. Thanks.
Thank you for listing this truck for me and I will pass on information on the site to all my friends with jeeps.
Allan Sasson
I would like to say thanks to you and your website, it brought me many interested Jeep Lovers and finally I found the right one that wanted my Jeep and is going to take care of it. I appreciate your services and would recommend to anyone.
David Elliott
I wanted to let you know that the 1987 J20 Pioneer has been sold. It went to a good home with six other Jeeps. I appreciate you posting it on your site. It's nice to see a good quality web site for Jeeps. Thanks, John
I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely enjoy your the web site; it has been a wealth of resources and just good ole fashioned reading. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into the site for all of us that admire and love the Jeep Trucks. thanks again for your great web site and service
One of the buyers had seen the tonneau cover ad listed on your web-site. "Thanks", for your free ad listing web-site.
My truck sold it is the green one you had on your main page for a long time. small back window thriftside with 100k on the ticker. Thanks for the great site!
I just wanted to let you know that the M715 that you have at the top of the for sale list is sold. I purchased it last weekend. I'm really happy with it. Thanks for posting these great trucks!
Jay Logan
I have sold and delivered my truck to a happy new owner this week. So thank-you very much for hosting it on your great website!
Jim Leonetti

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