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Wanted: Clutch linkage parts for a 1973 J2000 truck I am looking for clutch linkage parts for a 1973 J2000 truck. Please email or call.   Location:   Contact: Nate   Phone: (805)549-0100   email:   posted 12/17/18
Wanted: 1964 Gladiator Tornado 230 Motor In good running condition Looking for a good running 1960's circa 230 OHC Tornado motor that doesn't smoke, knock and or have any other major mechanical issues. Needs to be within driving distance of Cincinnati area.   Location: Fort Thomas, KY   Contact: Kevin Doerr   email:   posted 12/17/18
Wanted: 81-86 J-10 grill surround (aluminum part) must have "Jeep" at the top. Good shape only please. I'm in SW FL so part must be packaged well to ship. (very fragile)   Location: Bradenton, FL   Contact: PJ Stanley   email:   posted 11/30/18
Wanted: Looking for rust free very original low mile Chief or Laredo I am looking for a low mile very original Cherokee Chief or Loredo. I willing to pay a top price.   Location: River Forest, IL   Contact: Jay Rutili   Phone: 312-401-9000   email:   posted 11/22/18
Wanted: Wide track aluminum front bumper (1980 +). Must send to Canada. Will purchase or trade emblems J10, bucket seats and have other parts.   Location: Thorburn, Nova Scotia   Contact: Steve   email:   posted 10/6/18
Wanted: Body Parts for 1968 J3000 Gladiator Need front bumper ends, tailgate and tail lights.   Location: Woodstock, GA   Contact: Tony   email:   posted 10/2/18
Wanted: 65 Gladiator parts I'm looking for parts for my jeep need pretty much everything but frame, axle, cab, engine/ trans any help is very appreciated. Mostly looking for body panels and interior parts. In central Wisconsin is best unless you can ship. thank you   Location: Colby, WI   Contact: Matt   Phone: 715 316 1908   email:   posted 9/12/18
Wanted: 77 Jeep headlight bucket assembly right and left side In need of right and left FSJ headlight bucket assembly (round) from 77 wagoneer/chief or earlier model J series truck. just need to be straight and not rotted away.   Location: Inwood, WV   Contact: Jason Rose   email:   posted 8/8/18
Wanted: Driver's side exhaust manifold Driver's side exhaust manifold for my 1970 Jeep Gladiator Pickup with 1970 Buick 350 engine.   Location: McConnellsburg, PA   Contact: Michael Paul Binder   Phone: 7173771278   email:   posted 8/8/18
Wanted: Steering column shaft for 1972 Jeep J2000 truck not the whole column just the insides from steering wheel threads to first junction   Location: Boulder Creek, CA   Contact: James Boyd   email:   posted 7/23/18
Wanted: FC-150 or FC-170 Looking for a 80% plus solution, Needs to be a driver or just minor work to be a driver (like fresh fuel, new carb etc....) Willing to travel and drive or trailer home.   Location: Morristown, TN   Contact: Mark Ingram   Phone: 4233128546   email:   posted 7/23/18
Wanted: Frame for 79 J10 Looking for a decent frame for a 1979 J10   Location: Clyde, OH   Contact: Nathan Schwartz   email:   posted 6/6/18
Wanted: Tailgate for 1977 Jeep J10 Truck Looking for a good tailgate and hardware for a '77 J10 truck   Location: Roy, UT   Contact: John   email:   posted 1/23/18
Wanted: 77 J10 tailgate My father is looking for a tailgate for his 77 J10. If you have one or know where I could find him a replacement forward me the information or yours if you have one. Thank you.   Location: Lancaster, PA   Contact: Carlos Luciano   email:   posted 1/16/18
Wanted: Jeep pickup Looking for a fully restored early to mid 1970s jeep pickup.   Location: Wilmington, NC   Contact: Steve Smits   email:   posted 1/8/18
Wanted: 1982 J10 Sportside front and rear bumpers Lookng for OEM chrome front and rear bumpers for a 1982 J10 Sportside   Location: Tucson, AZ   Contact: Domingo Elias   Phone: 5209002118   email:   posted 12/30/17
Wanted: Front grille assembly for 1987 Jeep Wagoneer I have a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer limited it's a in line 6, 4.0, 4x4. Looking for a full front grill assembly with all the lights and side markers.   Location:   Contact: Stephen silva   email:   posted 12/29/17
ISO Parts for 1982 J10 ISO Parts for 1982 J10 Mostly looking for body parts, but will consider all. Passenger side door is main priority. ........ more   posted 11/06/17

Wanted: Flex plate Looking for a flex plate for a 1972 Jeep j-4000 one ton pickup.   Location: Vernal, UT   Contact: Stetson Peterson   email:   posted 11/2/17
Wanted: 8 foot bed 8 foot bed for 78-87 J-Series.   Location: Louisville, KY   Contact: Danny   Phone: 502-819-4342   email:   posted 10/20/17
Golden Eagle Door Panels Canada
Wanted: Golden Eagle Door Panels I'm looking for both Levi door panels for my 1979 Cherokee Golden Eagle. ........ more   posted 10/05/17

Wanted: Roof Rack Looking for a roof rack for a 1976 Cherokee Chief S.   Location: Lake Butler, FL   Contact: Danny Raulerson   Phone: 352-538-3245   email:   posted 10/04/17
Wanted: 1972 J-2000 radio I am looking for a 1972 J-2000 radio   Location:   Contact: Kristine   email:   posted 07/26/17
Wanted: ISO 1964 J300 Pickup Doors In search of doors or complete cab for a 1964 Jeep J300 Pickup. Believe this model style is valid for years 1963-1965.   Location: Edgerton, MN   Contact: Mike   email:   posted 07/12/17
Exhaust manifold 6-230 ohc Tornado Wanted: Exhaust manifold for 6-230 ohc Tornado engine I have an old '73 Firetruck based on a M715. Engine 6-230 ohc Tornado. Unfortunately the exhaust manifold is broken.   Location: Netherlands   Contact: Marc   email:   posted 07/06/17

Wanted: 1978-1983 Jeep Cherokee Chief I am looking for a 1978-1983 Jeep Cherokee Chief with a 360 or 401 V8 and was wondering if anyone has one for sale? I am in Florida and so far I have not found anything via my searches, which is actually how I found this site as I elected to expand my search beyond this state. I am hoping to find a Cherokee Chief that runs and does not have any major rust issues (I would not have the skill to fix it). As for electronics, gauges, etc., I am not skilled enough to fix (I can handle basic maintenance) but I do have two friends that can and one is a mechanic who is willing to teach me. Thus so long as all the parts are in the Jeep I would be interested. I do have some trade options available if that helps.   Location: Tampa, FL   Contact: Sam   email:   posted 07/03/17
Wanted: 1969 Jeep J3000 Gladiator 4wheel drive I'm looking for a 1969 Jeep J3000 Gladiator 4wheel drive. complete vehicle . does not have to be running but needs the original dauntless 350 Buick motor and t-18 4 speed transmission must have fairly rust free body(surface rust) with good glass and complete trim.   Contact: George Fichtner   email:   posted 07/02/17
Wanted: Tailgate for Jeep J10 Pickup 1975 In need of a NOS tailgate for a J10.   Location: Reno, NV   Contact: Ken   phone: 775-846-8399   email:   posted 06/05/17
Wanted: 1988 Jeep J10 rear bumper end caps Looking for right and left end caps for 1988 Jeep J10 rear bumper   Contact: Mark   email:   posted 05/21/17
Wanted: 1971 + Jeep J 10 front left inner fender Looking for jeep left inner fender and maybe cab.   Location: Lockport, NY   Contact: Bill   email:   posted 05/18/17
Wanted: Engine parts for J20 1981 6 cylinder jeep
  • mains 0.20
  • big ends 0.20
  • pistons 0.30
  • rings
  • gasket set completed
  Location:   Contact: Ross Jones   email:   posted 05/18/17
Wanted: Jeep J truck 8 foot bed Looking for a solid 8 foot bed for J truck. I'm located in Charleston but distance isn't so much of an issue for me. Please email me if you know where I can find one.   Location: Charleston, SC   Contact: Will   phone: 8434690307   email:   posted 05/03/17
Wanted: in s/o J10, J20, J2000, J3000, J4000, FC I'm looking for a jeep J series pickup for a daily driver. Im not looking for any thing over 6,000 maybe a little over, but in pretty good shape with not a lot of rust.   Location: Montrose, PA   Contact: Clay or Walt   phone: 570-267-6739 text anytime call after 3:30 EST   posted 04/06/17
Wanted: FC170 box Looking for a back box section for my 1959 FC170, will consider completes if pricing is reasonable. I can pickup although I'm preferring northeastern states   Location: Halifax, NS, Canada   Contact: Keith   email:   posted 04/02/17
Wanted: Jeep J10 Laredo Looking for a rust free Jeep J10 Laredo with Laredo package. It has to be in good shape, no projects please. I prefer black, but any other colour is o.k. , too. important that it is in good shape. I can pay cash and a fair price for those.   Location: Holzwickede, NRW, Germany   Contact: Matthias Hellmann   phone: 0049-179-7872882   email:   posted 03/25/17
Wanted: FC170 wheels Wanted Wheels and brake drums for FC 170 DRW jeep. Will also buy Drive train parts.   Location: Hollidaysburg, PA   Contact: Ron   phone: 8149316655   posted 03/24/17
Wanted: 1964 to 1970 Jeep Gladiator any condition, East of Missouri. I live in New York but am willing to travel ~1,000 miles for a viable truck.   Location: NY   Contact: Mark Yanus   email:   posted 03/18/17
Wanted: Jeep Honcho I am looking for a 1976 Jeep J10 Honcho, we are getting it for my father for his 50th birthday as he had one when he was a kid. doesn't matter what kinda shape it's in, preferably looking for one that runs but I'll look at anything as they are pretty hard to find.   Location: Martinsville, IN   Contact: CJ   phone: 317-778-4699   email:   posted 03/14/17
Wanted: FC-150 Don't care what year. No rot, nothing sitting outside in a field with the windows open for the last 10 years. Must run, surface rust OK, able to be road ready with no or little work. I am ready with cash but know the value of these. Must have clean title in your hand.   Location: Oakland, NJ   Contact: Jim   phone: (201) 213-3588   email:   posted 03/14/17
Wanted: CJ10 must be in good shape. Let me know what you have.   Location: Los Angeles, CA   Contact: Rick   phone: (310) 480-4270   email:   posted 02/22/17
Wanted: 1981-1985 Jeep Scrambler in fair to good shape Looking for Scrambler with 6 cyl auto transmission. Needs to be in fair to good condition. Will drive to get it. If you are looking for big money, don't bother replying.   Location: Ottertail, MN   Contact: Tim   email:   posted 02/14/17
Wanted: 230 Tornado engine Looking for a running 230 Tornado engine. In or around Southern Indiana.   Location: Jasper, IN   Contact: Brook   email:   posted 01/30/17
Wanted: M677 Crew Cab I'm trying to find this vehicle for my husband & surprise him with it. He's been looking & wanting one of these, long before he went off to fight in the Afghanistan War. Now a Disabled Vet; this would be therapeutic in his recovery.

Wanting to find one he can have fixed up, little by little & when he has the spare money from his VA pay. I just want to give back to him, as he has sacrificed so much for us & always does without, for his family. Please let me know if you have one available, or if you know of one available.

Semper Fi, Christina & James   Location: Blue Ridge, GA   Contact: Christina   phone: 7062582371   posted 02/06/17
Wanted: Early Gladiator parts I have a 63 Gladiator that is missing some interior parts. Need original seat, indicator lights at bottom of dash, gas pedal incl the two little post on floorboard, compass, original radio. Also looking for some rims.   Location: Agyle, TX   Contact: Ron   phone: 469-682-0452   email:   posted 01/30/17
Wanted: J20 (or J10) Jeep 4wd Pick Up Truck (1980 - 1984) Looking for a J20 pickup truck in 1980 - 1984 range. 4WD mandatory / V-8 a plus Located in the East Central Indiana area   Location: Richmond, IN   Contact: Coop   phone: (765) 847-1300   email:   posted 01/18/17
Wanted: 1976 Jeep Cherokee S Parts Looking for any parts available fort a 1976 Cherokee S, Mainly need body parts. Looking for Fender Flares, Roof Cutout, Original Grille, Doors, Original Mirrors, Gas Tank, Rear Window Motor, Pretty much anything.   Location: Santa Maria, CA   Contact: Travis Bryson   email:   posted 01/11/17
Wanted: Jeep 8 foot bed Looking for rust free 8 foot bed for J-10, J-20   Location: Louisville, KY   Contact: Danny   phone: 5028194342   email:   posted 01/06/17
Wanted: Looking for a used J10 parts (intake and interior) I am looking for a used AMC V8 4 barrel intake manifold. I would prefer a used edelbrock intake and carb package deal, but I may be interested in an original cast one as long as the price fits it. I am also looking for a black dash pad and 2 door cards to fit my '74 j10. I am located in northern Ohio. Let me know what you have.   Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH   Contact: Zach   email:   posted 12/26/16
Wanted: Jeep J10 or 20 Any year model, any condition. I am located in West Georgia and had a J10, sadly I sold it. And now I miss it dearly, I dont care the condition of the truck, projects are okay with me. Actually prefer it they are cheaper ;) would love to have one again. Not to mention these little boogers are pretty good on gas if you have the manual trans.   Location: Temple, GA   Contact: David   phone: 7703141640   email:   posted 11/23/16
Wanted: Jeep J10 Looking for Jeep J10 pickup 78-84. Manual transmission. Preferably a 4.2l but don't mind the 304-360. Preferably BC registered if not has to be able to pass out of province inspection with minimum of work (under $3000 for work). Box doesn't matter, can be stepside or regular.   Location: Invermere, BC   Country: Canada   Contact: Simon   email:   posted 11/4/16
Wanted: Set of rears from 1974-79 pickup or wagon. Must have disc brakes on front with passenger side drop. Prefer 5 lug from wagon or J-10, will consider 6 lug from J-20. Email or call .   Location: New Castle, DE   Contact: Bill   phone: 302-381-0959   email:   posted 11/1/16
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