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Potential Fraud And Internet Scams

Please review this information about potential Internet fraud to protect yourself as a seller. Like any form of media the Internet can be a tool for good or for bad. There is a percentage of business transactions on the Internet that are subject to fraud, scams and cheats. Just like normal transactions, buyers and sellers need to be aware of their surroundings and be cautious in their transactions. Be especially cautious of overseas inquiries. If the deal is to good to be true you are probably right.

To report a potential scam please email, or

Some recent scams reported by our readers:

This scam was reported by one of our readers on 8-12-14

From: Omar Ali
Date: Friday, August 8, 2014
Subject: Re: Cherokees Jeeps/ truck and Parts for sale.


I have excellent Wagons and Cherokees Jeeps/ truck and Parts for sale.
I also have the vehicle and parts you requested
Update me if you are still in need.
I need a serious buyer.

James reported this scam on 7-21-14

On Friday, July 18, 2014, Richardson Williams wrote:


It may interested to know that i have the Item(s) you requested in
perfect shape and condition, if you are interested, please shoot me a
mail of what you require with your shipping full address,

Thanks and many regards


Ed reported this scam on 6-3-14

You have a scammer (one of two that I am aware of), but anyway, he is using the email of johnharrison, out of calexico, ca... should 
have known better. Anyway, he doesn't have ANY parts... I wired him $130 through western union and did not receive anything. Tried to 
ask him, but he kept givine me excuses.. I gave up soon realizing he was a crook. He/she uses the name Norma Lopez, the name to wire 
the $$ to down there. They need an ID (sure it's fake) when going to Western Union to pickup. Heck, maybe they are all in it together... 
who knows. but lession learned.  

Thxs Ed

Toby reported this scam for the following 1993 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4x4 ad
posted on 3-18-14



Sorry is my mistake the price for sale is $1,770.

Look more pics:

(if the above link does not work PLEASE copy and paste it into a new web 
browser window)

Here is the VIN : 1J4FY29S7PP219343. I would like to call you,i am at sea at 
the moment as i am a marine engineer and due to the nature of my work, phone 
calls are restricted.Because of my job I can't meet anyone to show the 
car. I had pre-arranged the deal with Google Wallet so my presence is not n
ecessary , the car is in their possession ready to be delivered. Google Wallet 
will handle this transaction for me. The car is insured in case of damage 
and it takes 7 days to be delivered at your door. It will come with all 
the necessary paperwork (clear title, bill of sale, user's manual,insurance
 etc). You will receive all the original documents and keys with the car. I
 signed all the paperwork and the clear title is ready to be transferred to
 the new owner.

Please get back to me with your full name, full address and phone number so
 i can forward your details to Google Wallet in order for you to receive the 
 invoice regarding the terms and conditions of this transaction.

Thank you!!   Julia

Jay reported this scammer and has notified the authorities

Name: Byron McNeill

Yes i have  heater kits I just find it now  heater kit $225, Yes i
will  sell the bracket  Is that all the parts you want?  Because i will start 
selling  the rest  part outs

I dot know if i  told you that i will be locate to England  soon to
meet my wife and my kids there? and work there , and i have a new
hospital   job there, That is the reason i want to sell all the parts
out  before i live 

I have told you before now, I have problem wit my bank  account ,  My 
bank  told me to wait till the problem as be solve   still under investigation  
i don't have access to my bank account right now

That is why i told you to send me another $135,  with western union, So that 
i will add it to the  money wit me at home so that i can do the shipping ,  
Then when the bank as done wit my account , I will now transfer the money to 
your paypal , Hope you understand what i mean?

Know dot send me a check, I have problem wit my bank account , Yes i will get 
another bank account , but not now, Cuzy i want to travel soon

Why can you send someone to the western union money transfer or money gram to 
send me the money? That  could have be the easy way and fastest way  for me to 
get the money , The western union and money gram is very close to me here,   
Hope to here from you soon

you can make a direct transfer into my bank account and you will have
o use the below information:

Bank Name: Lumbee Guaranty Bank


One of our readers Gord reported this scam from a Thomas Hardy, Gord writes
"I live in British Columbia, there is no way a tail gate will ship at this price, 
What is my complete shipping address?????? No pictures,, REALLY? I replied in one 
word,... PICTURE? No Jeeper would reply in this fashion. I am quite sure there will 
be no Moneygram going out today. It looks like "Thomas " is trolling for suckers."

Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 10:27:13 PM
Subject: tail gate for a 66 Gladiator must be in good condition

Thomas Here! Please let me know if you are still interested in
purchasing a tail gate for a 66 Gladiator must be in good condition,
Email and I'll get back to you

Thomas Hardy
6224 Kansas Ave
Kansas City, KS 66012

Later the scammer responds....

Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 10:05:03 AM
Subject: Re: tail gate for a 66 Gladiator must be in good condition


Thanks for writing. Yes, I have the tail gate for a 66 Gladiator for
sale in excellent condition. I am experiencing some technical
difficulties uploading images at the moment but it is in excellent
condition, no issues. I am asking a $250 for it shipped. I am in
Kansas and will ship via UPS. The asking price includes shipping.and
will take payment via Moneygram, What's your complete shipping



Jesse reported this scam - Just thought I'd let you know someone is trying to sell one of my 677's as a scam. 

From: Kelvin Hardy 
Date: January 15, 2014 at 12:29:07 AM EST
To: James 
Subject: Re: Looking to buy a M-677 to restore

Hello James,

Thanks for writing. I have a 1964 Jeep M-677 for sale. Not running but complete. Great for period 
correct restoration or upgrade the drivetrain for a one of a kind hot rod. Normal rust that you find 
on all FCs. Needs complete restoration. M-677 four-door Military crew cab Forward Control. One of the 
rarest and most sought after Jeeps. This is one of around 30 known.  Original 3-cylinder Cerlist diesel 
motor. This is a rare military version of the FC 170 but with extra doors. This jeep is located in 
Kansas but I can arrange transportation.

I am asking a $4000 for it delivered. Where are you located?


To Sellers: Please beware of a scam where someone offers to buy your car with a certified check and comes up with a reason to write the check for significantly more than the asking price and request the seller to wire the difference to someone else. They will send you a counterfeit check and your bank may clear the check, however, in a week or so, the check turns out to be counterfeit and the bank requires the car seller to cover the money for the phony check. To avoid falling for such a scam call the issuing bank prior to accepting the check and then wait seven to ten days after deposit to find out if a check has cleared the issuing bank before doing anything with that money or handing over the title to the car. Please check this site for current Scam info:
Useful Links to help fight Internet Fraud
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If you need to report fraud on the Internet there is an online partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center at
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In addition, we also recommend the following websites that deal with scams and myths perpetuated in various ways on the Internet:
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The Internet is a wonderful tool and it would be a shame for you to have a negative experience resulting from contact with bad people. We hope you find this information helpful.