Authentic United States Military Surplus


Huge lot of old Jeep parts from a couple of Jeeps I used to have. Had intended to rebuild an old 77 CJ from a shell I had but never got the time, sold the body and now need to sell the rest.


  • A 258 in line 6 on engine stand, believe it is one of the older long blocks from a 74 CJ5.
  • Have intake manifold and other parts, no exhaust mani (had headers that were bad). Stand stays with the motor. Crank turns by hand but it needs a rebuild.
  • 2 Dana Mdl 20 transfer cases with complete shifter linkages (shifters for both and knob for 1). One is from 74 CJ5 and other is from 77 CJ7. The one from the 77 has all new bearings/seals and is ready to go! Gears are all exc with no chips or cracks. Have new gaskets and receipts for parts.
  • A T-14 tranny fr 74 CJ
  • A T-150 tranny fr 77 CJ, all new bearings/seals. Have parts receipts and new gaskets.
  • A brand new radiator (Still in box) I purchased in 1998 for a CJ7.
  • A brand new dash for a 77CJ in primer. Purcahsed in 1997 fr 4Wheel Drive Hardware. Have receipt.
  • 2 aluminum 258 bellhousings. One has clutchfork in place and I believe I have the other as well
  • A complete Dana 44 rear axle fr 74 CJ5. Has the solid axle shafts. 3-73 gear on a stock Jeep diff. carrier. Pinion has yoke still on it. Disassembled but all there (was going to change bearings). All exc cond.
  • A set of Dana 35 axle shafts from 74 CJ5. Have good hubs still attached at U-joints. Exc. splines. Lug studs look good. No housing for these but great for spares.
  • 2 sets (front and rear) drive shafts. One set from 74 CJ5 and other from 77 CJ7.
  • A set of Warn front lock-out hubs
  • A spare tire carrier from 77 with mount brackets, decent shape
  • A full Plenum assembly (Airbox for heater system) from 77. Small breaks a couple of places can easily be fixed with a little fiberglass cloth/resin. Almost complete.
  • A yoke and brake/clutch pedal assy from 74 CJ 5. Should fit many other models. These are all in excellent condition, have been stripped and painted. Bushings are great and has pivot bolt also great cond. Also have an emergency brake pedal assy and a gas pedal assy.
  • A skid plate from misc Jeep. Stripped and in primer. Excellent condition with very few dings/gouges!! Has several bolt patterns in it, believe it will fit a numbers of years of Jeeps.
  • A complete wiper assy with motor, pivot arms and even decent blades. Motor was working when I took it out 15 years ago.
-Many, MANY miscellaneous parts from the 74 and the 77 and other misc 70's Jeeps including 2 sets of headlight bucket assemblies with adjuster screws, springs, plus bezels all great cond, bell crank and parts, fog lights, tail lights, front lights, new set off the little dash indicator lamps, headlight switch and knob, dimmer switch (have receipts), new speedometer cable, body mount and other misc. brackets, hood latch assy and other hood parts, master cylinder, proportional valve, 2 power steering pumps, alternator, engine/tranny dust shields, motor pulleys and fan, flywheel w/great teeth (258), a vapor can, water bottle, an old single Carter carb, shackles, motor/tranny/bellcrank mounts, lots of misc nuts and bolts, new washer bottle pump/line set, and many more.

$260.00 in parts in the mdl 20 and T-150 rebuilds, radiator was close to $200.00, dash was around $100.00, all the other parts are in very good to excellent condition. All of this stuff would add up to thousands if you tried to buy it all separately, and you would have a hard time even finding a lot of it because the older Jeeps are becoming more and more rare.

Need to get rid of it all. Have lots of pics if interested. $1200.00 for ALL. I do not want to separate it. You could easily make your money back selling some of it off. I don't have the time. Buyer pays freight to ship.

I am in York S.C. Call 803 280 7486 or email me at

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